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My Grandfather, Thomas Bagnall.


My parents William Bagnall and Isabella nee' Docherty


My father, William Bagnall Hitting the Bullseye. Date unknown, place, possibly the Ring O Bells, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham.


Isabella, Edna, and Mary Bagnall.



My parents wedding day 17 July 1943


Wedding Group, 17th July 1943


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Grateful thanks to my cousin Joy nee' Docherty, for identifying her father Charles Frederick Docherty and her uncle Peter Docherty. Numbers 38 and 39 on the photograph.




Eric Miree 1926 - 2005 and Dorothy Bagnall 1930 - 2010

Photo taken 1950.


For Aunty Dorothy


In search of unknown forebears, hours long and many I have spent

Seeking with a passion, my genes to represent

To find my stock, my origin, my path ahead is clear

To live a life in ignorance, would be my greatest fear

Well grows my tree, so tall, it’s branches reaching wide

It’s roots lie deep, and ever grows my pride

But few my antecedants have I met

Save parents grand, and the children they did get

A generation well I knew

My parents, and my aunts, and uncles too

Now all are gone, the youngest blossom's passed

My dear aunt Dot, of all she was the last

Fond memories are all we’ve left today

Of treasured ones we loved and lost, who went upon their way

And once a while my cousins dear, we’ll pause and smile, may shed a tear

Sparing thought for man and wife, and tribute pay

To those we loved who gave us life, and who briefly passed this way.


                                                                    Pat Bagnall, 2010

Edna Bagnall, Annie Bagnall, Bella Bagnall, Florence Bagnall, Mary Bagnall, Dorothy Bagnall, and Ada Bagnall. Taken 16th August 1969 at the wedding of my cousin Hazel.

Edna Lee nee' Bagnall and my Mother Bella Bagnall nee' Docherty.

Taken 1951

My cousin Hazel with my mother Bella Bagnall and Shep the dog

Taken in the mid 1960s

Wedding Group about 1958

Wedding Group 1965

Our wedding day, 7 August 1971

Myself, Carole, Carole's father Conrad Buckle, and my aunt Helen

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My brother Brian Bagnall and me. 8th May 1976 at St Stephens Church, Rotherham.

My daughter Sarah Rourke nee Bagnall with my son in law Lee Rourke, and grandchildren.

John Bagnall


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Unknown ancestor



Another unknown ancestor

Could this be my great grandmother Mary nee' Johnson, wife of James Bagnall?



My Grandfather, Thomas Bagnall.


My Grandmother Grace May Bagnall, nee' Boden.


My Mother, Isabella Maclean Bagnall, nee Docherty.


Isabella Maclean Docherty taken about 1930.



From left to right (Back row)


Herbert Bagnall

William Bagnall

Isabella Maclean Docherty

Charles Docherty

Annie Leadley/ Bagnall

Audrey Nettleship

Edna Bagnall

Dorothy Bagnall

Left to right (front row)

Norma Leadley

Joyce Stroughair?







I would like to identify every person on this photograph. If anyone can help, please contact me: Pat Bagnall


1 Annie Gilbert/ Docherty

2 Hetty Burton/Docherty

3 George Burton

4 Charles Docherty

5 Ann Docherty/ Campbell

6 Helen Stroughair/Docherty

7 Roland Garner

8 Alexander Docherty

9 John (Jack) Nettleship

10 ?

11 ?

12 ?

13 ?

14 Florence Nettleship

15 ?

16 Ellen Docherty/ O'Donald

17 Herbert Bagnall

18 Phyllis Garner/ Bagnall

19 Edna Bagnall

20 William Bagnall

21 Isabella Bagnall/ Docherty

22 Audrey Nettleship

23 Dorothy Bagnall

24 Lily Liversage?

25 Norma Leadley

26 Henry (Harry) Leadley

27 Terry Garner

28 Joyce Stroughair

29 ?

30 Roy Nettleship

31 ?

32 Eddie Leadley

33 ?

34 ?

35 Patricia Smith?

36 ?

37 Betty Smith?

38 Charles Frederick


39 Peter Docherty



Herbert Bagnall, taken 1976.


Ada Bagnall nee Chamberlain, wife of Herbert, taken 1976.


Florence Nettleship nee Bagnall


Annie & Mary Bagnall, and me about 1952.


Pat Bagnall 1947/8



Pat Bagnall, taken about 1950 at No 25a Holmes Lane, Rotherham.



Brian Bagnall, about 1958, taken at Roughwood Road, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham.



Brian Bagnall, about 1966 at 14 Ox Close Avenue, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham.



Brian Bagnall and son John. 1984




My son David Bagnall & partner Louise.




My nephew John Bagnall in his younger day's





A couple of more recent photo's of

John Bagnall



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