The families are displayed in a series of family groups arranged in order of descent from the earliest ancestor I know of, my g/g/g/g/g/grandfather William Bagnall. The direct male lines are printed Bold.


Each family group displays the parents, followed by all of their known children. Most of the information in this section has been contributed by visitors to the site.


List of Families

Allsopp  Contributed by Vince Spencer & Jean Emmons. Updated 16 Nov 07

Appleford  Updated 10 Nov 07

Badger  Contributed by Shirley Parent & Mary Rhodes. Updated 23 Feb 08

Bagnall  My Family. By Pat Bagnall. Updated 16 Nov 2010

Bagnall  Contributed by Nita Pearson. Updated 12 Jul 2010

Bagnall  Including information contributed by Barry Kelly

Bagnall  Including details supplied by Elaine Walker. Updated 21 June 2012

Bagnall  Contributed by Graham Pittaway. With additional research by Nita              Pearson & Jan Le Grant. Updated 13 Dec 2010

Bagnall  Including information by Sharon Bagnall. Updated 10 Nov 2010 with information by Nita Pearson

Bagnall  With photo's & information, by Richard Bagnall. Updated 6 Dec 07

Bagnall  Information from the website of Joseph A Bagnall, of Utah, USA.With additional research by Nita Pearson, and information from the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints. Updated 7 Apr 2010   

Bagnall  With information from descendant Roy Moore. Uploaded 24 Dec 10

Updated 20 Jun 2012 with new details from descendant Leann Cunningham.

Bagnall  With information contributed by descendant's Ken Bagnall, and                    Fiona Diaz nee' Bagnall.  Updated 3rd August 2011

Ball  With information from Nita Pearson.  Uploaded 23 Nov 2011

Beeley  Contributed by Dr Brian W Beeley.  Uploaded 1 Feb 09

Beeley  Contributed by Lauraine Palmeri.    Updated 27 Jan 2010

Bennett  Contributed by Nita Pearson. Updated 28 Feb 2008

Brammer  Contributed by David Brammer.

Brown  by Pat bagnall & Nita Pearson. Updated 18 Nov 2011

Buckle  By Pat bagnall. Uploaded 10 Nov 07

Clarkson  Contributed by Ruth Clarkson. Updated 22 Oct 2011

Cooper  Contributed by Paul Roberts.

Docherty With information by my cousin Peter Docherty.Updated 10 Oct 09

Fawcett  Contributed by Suzanne Askew. Uploaded 29 Nov 2011

Gallivan  Contributed by Charles Biff Gallivan. Uploaded 28 Aug 2014

Gillatt/Gillott  Contributed by Robin Hunt.  Updated 11 Nov 08

Godley  By Pat Bagnall. Updated 27 Aug 07

Grainge  with information from Mike & Keith Grainge. Updated 15 Feb 2011

Hirstwood  Contributed by Joyce Rishworth. Updated 19 Mar 08

Ibbeson  Contributed by Pat Wade nee' Ibbeson. Updated 29 Jan 09

Maclean  With information by Peter Docherty. Updated 1 March 08

Maxfield  Contributed by Nita Pearson.  Uploaded 4 April 10

McMillan  By Pat Bagnall. Uploaded 4 March 08

Morrison  By Pat Bagnall. Uploaded 4 March 08

Millson  By Pat Bagnall. Uploaded 12 Oct 07

O'Donnell/O'Donald  By Pat Bagnall. Updated 12 Feb 2014

Plane  Contributed by Vince Spencer & Jean Emmons. Updated 8 Sep 07

Renshaw  By Pat Bagnall; Updated 25 Feb 2012

Russell  By Pat Bagnall and Nita Pearson.

Sprintall  Contributed by descendant Lorraine Sprintall. Uploaded 12 Aug 2011

Sanderson  Contributed by Barry Sanderson. Uploaded 10 Oct 2013

Staveley  Uploaded 12 Oct 07

Thomas  Including information  supplied by Dr Ron Thomas.

Thompson Contributed by Lauraine Palmeri. Updated 19 Apr 08

Thompson  With information supplied by Pat Staniforth. Updated 22 Aug 07

Thorpe  Contributed by descendant Sue Metcalf. Uploaded 12 Oct 2011

Ward  With information contributed by Ann Heaney. Updated 27 Jun 2010

Warren  By Pat Bagnall and Nita Pearson.

Whittington  With information contributed by Diane Sanderson. 3 April 2015


Many more surnames can be found in the Index section.

    Family Migration

The Family Migration section, lists Bagnall families who left the UK to live overseas.

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