Samuel George Renshaw & Eliza Walker


Samuel Renshaw was born about 1833 in Staveley, Derbyshire. He was married in 1852 in Rotherham, district, Yorkshire to Eliza Walker.


Children of Samuel & Eliza:


Albert Hayes Renshaw, born 1852 in Elsecar, Yorkshire. Married 1874 in Sheffield district to Sarah Maria Bagnall.


Harriet Elizabeth Renshaw, born about 1855 in Elsecar, Yorkshire. Harriet Elizabeth was married in 1873 in Sheffield district to William Finney.


Leonard Renshaw, born 1858 in Jump, Yorkshire. leonard was married in 1874 in Rotherham district to Ellen Leigh.


Georgiana Renshaw, born 1861 in Darton, Yorkshire. Georgiana was married in 1881 in Sheffield district to Charles Norbron.


Lawrence Renshaw, born about 1864 in Darton, Yorkshire. Lawrence was married in 1st quarter 1885 in Wortley district to Sarah Ann Winterbottom.


Ernest Renshaw, born 1866 in Darton, Yorkshire. Ernest was married in 1885 Sheffield district to Rhoda Millington.


Lephroy Renshaw, born about 1869 in Darton, Yorkshire. He was married in 1888 in Wortley district to Mary Helena Keeton.


Lily Renshaw, born 1873 in Higham, Barnsley, Yorkshire. Lily was married in 1893 in Wortley district to John Bishop.



Ernest Renshaw & Rhoda Millington


Ernest Renshaw, born 1866 in Darton, Yorkshire, and was married in 1885 in Sheffield district to Rhoda Millington. On the 18th October 1895, Ernest and Rhoda and family departed from London on the Orizaba, bound for Sydney, Australia.


Children of Ernest and Rhoda:


Ernest Richard Renshaw, born about 1887 in Tankersley, Yorkshire.


St Lawrence George Renshaw, born 1891, birth registered in Wortley district, Yorkshire.


Leonard Leafroy Renshaw, born 1894, birth registered in Wortley district, Yorkshire.



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