The O'Donald family originated from somewhere in Ireland. The surname seems to change frequently between O'Donnell, O'Donald, O'donal, and O'Donnel.

Charles O'Donald & Catherine Madden


Charles O'Donald, born about 1854 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, occupation Ironstone Miner. Married 31 December 1872 at Rosebank, Dunipace, Scotland to Catherine Madden, born about 1855. Daughter of John Madden & Mary Walker.




Isabella Benny O'Donald, born 9 November 1873 in Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland, died 31 May 1875 in Denny, Scotland.


Bridget O'Donald, born 8 February 1876 in Stirling Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland.


Mary O'Donald, born 13 March 1878 in Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland.


Catherine O'Donald, born about 1880 in Slamannan, Stirling, Scotland.

Married 28th December 1900 to William Burke.


John O'Donald, born 6 December 1883 in Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland, occupation Iron Moulder. Married 1906 to Mary McLelland.


Susan O'Donald, born 4 January 1886 in Row, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland, married 16 Feb 1904 in Denny, Scotland to Patrick McGrorty.


Charles O'Donald, born 19 July 1889 in East Plean, Stirlingshire, Scotland. After war service in WW1, Charles was married to Katie Smyth on 15 Nov 1918.


Helen O'Donald, born 8 May 1892 in East Borland, Denny, Stirling, Scotland. Daughter Catherine Loch O'Donnell born 1912. Catherine was married in 1934 to William Brown.

Helen died on 28 July 1977. She was married on 6th March 1916 to Peter Docherty.


Henry O'Donald, born 6 May 1895 in East Borland, Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Henry was married on 4 July 1924 to Margaret Penman.


Isabella Madden O'Donald, born 11 October 1898 in East Borland, Denny, Stirling, Scotland. Married 15 November 1918 in Denny, Scotland, to William Kerr, born abt 1894 son of Robert Kerr and Gennie Campbell.




Peter Docherty & Helen O'Donald


Helen O'Donald, born 8th May 1892 in East Borland, Denny, Scotland daughter of Charles O'Donald & Catherine Madden. Died 28 July 1977 in Sheffield Royal Infirmary. Married 6th March 1916 Denny, Scotland to Peter Docherty. Peter was born on 31st August 1875 in Donegal, Ireland, the son of Charles Docherty, Farmer, and Eleanor O'Donnell. Peters occupation was Bath Enameller. He died 15 February 1943 at 46 Oxford St, Rotherham, and was buried at Masbrough Cemetery, Kimberworth, Rotherham.




Helen O'Donnel Docherty, born 1918 in Denny, Stirling, Scotland. Married Q3 1935 in Rotherham to John (Jack) Stroughair.


Isabella Maclean Docherty, born 19th October 1923 in 21 Forth Street, Falkirk, Scotland. Married 17th July in Rotherham Yorkshire to William Bagnall






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Marriage record:

Charles O'Donald and Catherine Madden




Birth records:

for all their children



Death record:

for Isabella Benny O'Donald



Death Record:

for Charles O'Donald




1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911



Marriage Record:

for Isabella Madden O'Donald and William Kerr


















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Marriage Certificate:

For Peter Docherty and Helen O'Donald.



Peter & Helen Docherty.


Birth Certificate:

For Isabella Maclean Docherty.


Death Certificate:

For Peter & Helen Docherty.


Memorial photograph

at Masbrough Cemetery.



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