Joseph Bagnall's Army Service Records


















Pte. 14367

Joseph Bagnall of Masbro, Rotherham, Yorkshire


31 years & 6 months

Iron Worker




Rotherham: 2 Sept 1914








Statement of Services


Frensham Camp: 23-9-1914


Attested:    Pte  2-9-1914    Lce Cple unpaid: 18-1-1915

  "    "      Paid:  10-3-1915

Promoted Cple:    24-8-1915

Posted  Cple:    9-10-1915

Confirmed Cple:  24-8-1915



Attached to Durham Light Infantry:

Cpl 320018 on 26-6-1916

Transferred to Durham Light Infantry:  Cpl      9-9-1916

?????  ?????        23-9-16

DLI  Posted: Cpl    11-2-17

DLI  Posted: Cpl    10-3-17

DLI Absorbed into establishment:      11-3-17

Reported from Exp Force for employment with the Midland Iron Co Ltd, Rotherham & transferred to class W(I)TF Res:                    9-4-17

Discharged:  Cpl  10-3-19

Address 285 Wortley Rd, Bradgate, Rotherham

Character  Very Good.

Total Service to 10-3-1919

4 years 190 days.





Statement as to Disability








York & Lancs - Durham L I

7th D L I

Regtl No 320018  Corporal Bagnall Joseph

Discharge: 9-4-17 Clas WTF

Address: 285 Wortley Rd, Bradgate, Rotherham

Age last birthday:  35

Joined 2-9-14 at Rotherham
































Casualty Form - Active Service

















22-9-1916. Wounded in the field, Etaples. Gun shot wound-buttocks.

23-9-1916. To England-Hospital Ship Asturias.











H.M.H.S. Asturias












Medical History of

Joseph Bagnall




































Military History Sheet























Sisters-Ellen, Ada, Mary, Liza, Jessie, Harriet, Lilly.

(Father) 59 St Stephens Terrace, Lockwood, Huddersfield.












Description of Joseph Bagnall




































Medal Rolls Index Card


















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