Albert Renshaw & Sarah Maria Bagnall


Sarah Maria Bagnall, was born in May 1857 in Masbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, and was baptised 26 March 1869 at St Johns church, Masbrough,  daughter of Samuel & Sarah Maria Bagnall. Sarah Maria was married in 1874 in Sheffield to Albert Renshaw. Albert was born about 1853 in Elsecar, Yorkshire, son of Samuel and Eliza Renshaw. He died 1n 1933 Rotherham district, at the age of 80 years.


Children of Albert & Sarah Maria:


Original Renshaw, was born 1st March 1875 in Masbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was killed at Maltby Colliery near Rotherham on 28th June 1923 by an explosion of gas. Original was married in 1896 in Rotherham to Flora Agnes Davies.


Emma Maria Renshaw, was born in 1877 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Agnes Renshaw, was born in 1878 in Masbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Margaret Renshaw, was born in 1880 in Tankersley, Yorkshire. Margaret died in 1884 in Rotherham.


Alice Renshaw, was born in 1881 in Wortley district, Yorkshire. Died 1948 in Rotherham. Alice Renshaw was married in 1901 in Rotherham to

Amos Whittington,


Hannah Renshaw, was born in 1887 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Leonard Renshaw, was born in 1889 in Wombwell, Yorkshire.


Samuel Renshaw, was born in 1891 in Hoyland, Yorkshire.


Benjamin Renshaw, was born in 1894 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Georgina Renshaw, was born in 1896 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Edith Bagnall Renshaw, was born in 1902 in Conisboro, Yorkshire.



Original (Reginald) Renshaw


Original Renshaw was born 1st March 1875 in Masbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, the eldest son of Albert Renshaw and Maria nee' Bagnall. Although he was often recorded as Reginald Renshaw, he is named as "Original Renshaw" in the General Register Office Birth Indexes.

In the 1881 census he is recorded as six years old, living with his parents Albert and Maria, and his three sisters, Emma Maria aged 4, Agnes aged 3, and Margaret aged 9 months.

The family left Masbrough, Rotherham, about 1879 and in 1881 were living at number 60 Westwood Row, Tankersley, Chapeltown, Yorkshire, where Original's sister Margaret was born in 1880.



In the 1891 census, Original Renshaw was again recorded as "Reginald Renshaw" now aged 16, a Coal Miner (Lamp Boy) with his parents Albert and Sarah Maria and 4 siblings; Agnes aged 12, Alice aged 9, Hannah aged 4, and Leonard aged 2, at 24 Kitroyd, Jump, Yorkshire.

Sister Emma Maria is not recorded with the family in 1891, as she is staying with her widowed grandmother Sarah Maria Bagnall at number 6 King Street, Rotherham. Sister Margaret had died in 1884 in Rotherham.



Original was married in 1896 in Rotherham to Flora Agnes Davies, daughter of Rowland and Martha Davies of Rotherham. They had a daughter named Agnes May Renshaw who was born in 1897 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Sadly Agnes May died in 1898 at the age of one year.


In the 1901 census, Original's wife Flora Agnes is staying with her parents at 57 Brown Street, Rotherham, and Original is not recorded with the family. After much searching through the 1901 census records, a Reginald Renshaw with the correct age of 26, was eventually located working as a Railway Labourer at South Elmsall, Yorkshire.


In the 1911 census, for the first time in census returns we find the correct forename is recorded. Original is aged 36 with his wife Flora Agnes aged 34. They have been married for 14 years and 1 child has been born who has died. Details of their child Agnes May are recorded and crossed out. The family are now living at 20 Garden Street Mexbrough, Rotherham.


At some time after 1911, Original and Flora Agnes must have moved home once again, this time to live and work in the Maltby area of Rotherham.


Tragically on the 28th of July 1923 there occured an explosion of Firedamp at the Maltby Colliery near Rotherham and Original Renshaw was killed along with twenty six other miners.



Maltby Pit Disaster

The following details are taken from various reports about the accident


Twenty-seven men lost their lives in the Maltby Main Colliery Company's pit, situated in thick woodland about a mile from the village, in consequence of an explosion which occurred in the pit early on 28th July, 1923. Only one body, that of a man named Renshaw, was recovered despite the effort of rescue parties. The rescue was abandoned after 12 hours when all hope of the possibility of any man still in the mine being alive was been given up.



The men who lost their lives

1.George Perrins, 37, Deputy

2.John Henry Garratty, 38, Corporal

3.Edward Mitchell, 23, Byeworker

4.William Emberton, 27, Collier

5.Harold Bourne, 25, Haulage hand

6.Harry Norwood, 30, Deputy

7.John William Green, 38, Byeworker

8.Silvaus Turner, 27, Collier

9.George Brierley, 34, Collier

10.William (Billy) Preece, 24, Collier, married three years. He left a wife and two children.

11.Joseph Best, 19, Fitter

12.James Smith, 37, Collier

13.Richard John Brooks, 24, Collier

14.John Stoker,30, Overman

15.Joseph Spibey, 29, Collier

16.John Chandler Spilsbury, 33, Collier

17.Raymond Clinton Bourne, 18, Haulage Hand

18.Richard Ernest Dunn, 28, Collier

19.George Hickling, 47, Ripper

20.Benjamin Jones, 26, Collier

21.Aaron Daniel(s), 46, Collier, possibly son of Caleb and Ann Daniel from Hanley, Staffordshire

22.Bertie Beardshall, 29, Collier

23.Leonard Meredith, 22, Collier

24.Ernest Clixby, 26, Analyst

25.Albert Smithson, 28, Collier

26.Alfred Leslie Fellows, 15, Haulage Hand

27.Original Renshaw, 48, Road Layer




Funeral of Original Renshaw


St Bartholomews Church, Maltby









    Source Records





Census Records


for Albert and Maria Renshaw and family




1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911





Baptism Records


for Original Renshaw and all the other known children of Albert and Sarah Maria.

















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Below and left:


The 1881 census record for the Renshaw family






Below and left:


The 1891 census record for the Renshaw family








Below and left:


The 1901 census record for the Reginald (Original?) Renshaw


Below and left:


The 1911 census record for Original and Flora Agnes Renshaw





In 1923, the family were living at 14 Farquar Road, Maltby.






The rescue attempt was started almost immediately by volunteers with no consideration as to the danger they were putting themselves in.  They moved forward toward the explosion area and came across the first and only body to be recovered, that of Original Renshaw, a road layer who had been working outbye.  Beyond this point progress was blocked by falls of roof and the men returned to the surface, a further attempt was made but with no progress.







The explosion occurred at 9.15 a.m. at the stoppings that were being put in 53's cross road. The force of the explosion was felt at the bottom of 95's cross gate, where two deputies were working, but these men got clear. The first rescue party found one body a hundred yards in by from the junction of 95's cross gate on the east plane. All men were then withdrawn from the pit. A second rescue party went down at 6 o clock to-night but owing to falls in the road they could not get into the area where the explosion occurred. From the signs of violence found by the party there can be no hope of anyone being still alive. The second party returned at 8 oclock.









Plans showing the position of Original Renshaw's body on 95's Crossgate, when found by the rescue party.



The funeral took place at Maltby on Wednesday 1st August, 1923, of Reginald Renshaw, the only man whose body was recovered after the colliery explosion.


Great crowds assembled at the church and in the cemetery.


The Bishop of Sheffield officiated. Among those present were Lord Aberconway, Chairman of Directors; Sir Henry Norman, M.P., and other directors.






The Funeral Cortege possibly proceeding to St Bartholomews church for the burial service


After the burial service,Original Renshaw was interred in Maltby Cemetery, in Plot 11, Section A, Row 13.









Grave of Original Renshaw

Maltby Cemetery

Plot 11, Section A, Row 13










In loving Memory of / Original Renshaw / Died in / Maltby / Pit Disaster 1923 / Aged 48 /

His wife Flora Agnes / Brown / Died Aug 1960 / aged 82


Their only son / Ernest Renshaw / a dear husband father / & grandad / Died 25th May 1990 aged 78


And / Gladys Renshaw / Beloved wife of Ernest / A dear mother & grandma / Died 31st Jan 1991 aged 78



Reg Renshaw died

Aug - 23 - 1923


Flora A Brown died

July - 14 - 1960





Plan of Maltby Cemetery


The cross marks the aproximate position of the grave of Original Renshaw


















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