Census Records


Click on a census year to view Census Records


The census records are arranged in two separate lists. The table in the right hand column is sorted in alphabetical order of first name, and is ordered as follows reading from left to right:-


1. First name.

2. Age.

3. Piece number.

4. Folio number.


The main table is sorted in order of reference number, which serves to bring households together into family groups. This table is ordered as follows from left to right.


1. First name.

2. Age.

3. Birthplace.

4. Birth county.

5. Relationship to head of household.

6. census place.

7. Piece number.

8. Folio number.


To find a person simply search the right hand alphabetical list of first names in the appropriate surname section. Make a note of the piece and folio references, and then locate them in the main list to find any other members of the same household. Obviously any surnames other than Bagnall & variants will not appear.


The census records are not complete indexes, they include only the records I have found so far, and are only intended to be a finding aid. There will be more information in the original records.


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