Source Records for Arnold Muir Bagnall & Florence Ellen Wragg















                          Photographs by Scott Byrd


Joseph Bagnall and his mother Florence Ellen.

Believed to have been taken on 4th July in the mid 1940s at the home of Florence Bagnall in New Jersey.


Joseph with his mother Florence Ellen and stepfather George, possibly taken in the 1950s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Joseph Bagnall, September 1937




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Grateful thanks to relative Scott Byrd for allowing me to include his photo's





Page 1 of the passenger list of the Campania of the Cunard Line. Departed Liverpool, bound for New York on 18th March 1911.


















Ticket No 83247, A M Bagnall, Silver Smith aged 21.

(Arnold Muir is recorded in transcripts with the surname of Bagwell.)




Enlarged area showing the entry for A M Bagnall.





1911 census, RG14/27896/RD510/SD3/ED4/SN103.




Florence Bagnall, Head, 23, Married 3 yrs, 2 children.

Arnold Bagnall, son, 3.

Joseph Bagnall, son, 2.




F Bagnall (signature).

44 Granville Lane, Sheffield.








Enlarged area of the 1911 census.














Page 3 of the passenger list of the CYMRIC of the White Star line. Departed Liverpool bound for Boston USA on 17th October 1911.














Ticket No 323698,


Florence Bagnall, Wife, 24.

Joseph Bagnall, Child, 1.

Arnold Bagnall, Child, 3.













Enlarged area showing the entry for Florence Bagnall and children.








Registration Card for Arnold Bagnall


129 Division Street, New Haven, Connecticut























Registration Card


page 2





Dated 5 June 1917















1920 U.S. Census









129 Division Street,

New Haven, Connecticut





Bagnall Arnold, Head, 31        -----  Florence, Wife, 32

-----  Arnold, Son, 11

-----  Joseph, Son, 10






Enlarged Area








1930 U.S. Census





32 West Market Street,

New Jersey




Bagnall Arnold, Head, 40

  -----  Florence, Wife, 41

  -----  Arnold, Son, 21

  -----  Joseph, Son, 20







Enlarged Area




The family of Arnold            Muir Bagnall



Florence Ellen Wragg, wife of Arnold Muir Bagnall.

This undated photograph possibly dates from the mid 1910s to the early 1920s.



Joe Bagnall and wife Lucille (grandmother of Scott Byrd).

Dated about 1947 and taken in front of Joseph and Lucille's grocery store in Livingstone, New Jersey.


Joe Bagnall and George?

Possibly taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The identity of George is uncertain, but he is thought to be a son of Joseph's brother Arnold Bagnall.







The photograph opposite features (left of picture) Joseph Bagnall sitting on the shoulders of his brother Arnold, and (right of picture), their stepfather George with an unidentified boy on his shoulders.

The young boy may possibly be Arnold junior, the son of Arnold Bagnall.

Taken in the early 1930s in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.












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