Bagnall Village by Stuart A. Bagnall


Bagnall Village website: is no longer to be found on the internet.

Sadly, for reasons of ill health, Stuart has for some time felt that he has been unable to do justice to his website, "Bagnall Village." Consequently Stuart has reluctantly had to take the decision to discontinue the site.


About ten years or so ago, when I was just starting out on my ancestral trail, I stumbled upon the Bagnall Village website, and was so inspired by it that I decided that I just had to try to build a site of my own that would be dedicated to the Bagnall surname. This resulted in the creation of my own site "Bagnall Family History."


I have now learned that the Bagnall Village message forums are still accessible online. So in the hope of keeping them alive and searchable, and to preserve them for the benefit of all those who have previously taken the time to post their information there. I have decided with Stuart's permission, to create links from this site directly to the Bagnall Village message boards.


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