Notes for Fanny Beeley/Bagnall


To date I have been unable to prove the parentage of Fanny Beeley nee' Bagnall, but based on a number of facts I have now made my best guess and have concluded that Fanny must have been the daughter of George and Sarah Bagnall, nee' Scott, of Masbro’.

The following notes will I hope substantiate my guesswork, and hopefully positive proof will come to light at some time in the future.


Fanny Bagnall was born about 1780 in Rotherham.

No baptism record has been found for Fanny but I can say that there are only four Bagnall families that are recorded baptising children at All Saints church, Rotherham between the years 1774 to 1798. It then follows that Fanny Bagnall must be a daughter of one of these four families. The families concerned are:


    1.        Benjamin Bagnall and Elizabeth Thompson.

    2.        John Bagnall and Ann Williams.

    3.        Joseph Bagnall and Jane Newton.

    4.        George Bagnall and Sarah Scott.


All four male Bagnalls were brothers, all sons of William Bagnall and Martha Badger. Of the four families only the latter two are likely to be possible candidates for being the parents of Fanny. Both Benjamin and John Bagnall were baptising their own children around 1779 to 1781.


Further evidence can be found in the following events, with my notes in italics.


Fanny Bagnall married George Beeley on 4 May 1799 at Rotherham All Saints. Witnesses were James Bagnall and John Bagnall. George and Sarah Bagnall had sons named James and John. Joseph and Jane Bagnall had a son named James but did not have a son named John.


James Bagnall son of Joseph and Jane, married on 26 May 1801 to Hannah Bailey Beeley? Witnesses were Fanny Bagnall and George Bailey Beeley?


On the same date (Double Wedding), John Bagnall son of George and Sarah, married Frances Machon. Witnesses were Benjamin Beeley and Joseph Deardon.


Sarah Bagnall daughter of George and Sarah, married William Brammer on 5 March 1810. Witnesses were John Bagnall and George Beeley.


Joseph Bagnall son of George and Sarah, married Hannah France on 1st March 1824. One of the 3 witnesses was George Beeley.


Frances Beeley aged 71, widow of George Beeley, died on 9 February 1851 at Thornhill, Rotherham. The informant noted on the death certificate was Elizabeth Bagnall, who never married. Elizabeth was the daughter of George and Sarah Bagnall and would have been the sister of Frances (Fanny).


James Bagnall son of George and Sarah, married Elizabeth Ellis on 24 Nov 1828. Witnesses were Ann Bagnall and George Beeley. Probably George Beeley son of George.


Therefore, unless evidence to the contrary arises, I must conclude that Fanny Bagnall was the daughter of George Bagnall and Sarah Scott.




Pat Bagnall, 13th January 2010.





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