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1891 census



7 Osborne Rd, Liscard, Chester.


Joseph G Bagnall, Head, 25, Clothiers Manager.

Edith A Bagnall, Wife, 20.















1901 census



8a Granby St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.


Joseph G Bagnall, Head, 38, Tailor.

Edith A Bagnall, Wife, 30.

Mignon Bagnall, Daur, 9.

Lily M Bagnall, Daur, 3.

Charles J Bagnall, Son, 9 Mo.











1911 census


59 Scorton Street, Liverpool


Edith and son Charles are now living with her 2nd husband Wilfred Drury.








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Wilfred Drury, Head, 35

Edith Drury,  Wife,  40

Charles Bagnall, Son, 10


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1911 census: Joseph George Bagnall/Dowd


Living at 12 Falstaff Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, with Thomas Dowd and his daughter catherine, and Boarder Andrew Dunn.












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Thomas Dowd's wife Eleanor had died in 1907 at the age of 57. Daughter Catherine Edith, married Andrew Dunn in 1912, and Joseph George Bagnall/Dowd was brought up by them.








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Thomas Dowd and Andrew Dunn were both born in Ireland.





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