Emigrant Families


Listed below are families who left the UK to settle in other countries. The list is a little short at the moment, but it will hopefully lengthen with time.

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List of Families

Bagnall Arnold Muir and Florence Ellen (Wragg), emigrated to USA, 1911. Updated 27 Oct 2010 with photographs by descendant Scott Byrd

Bagnall James Rawling and Mary Jane (Dyson), emigrated to USA, 1888.

Updated 18 Jan 2011

Bagnall Joseph and Sarah Ann (Frobisher), emigrated to USA, 1865.


Bagnall - The family of Joseph George Bagnall and Edith Amelia Seager, emigrated to Australia sometime after the death of Joseph George Bagnall in 1903.

Bagnall Harold - and wife Joan (Moorhouse) and family emigrated to Australia on 26th June 1956.

Bagnall - The family of Thomas Albert and Margaret (Martin), emigrated to USA about 1888.

Renshaw Ernest - and wife Rhoda nee' Millington and family, emigrated to Australia on 18 October 1895.

Transported Convicts


The ones who were probably not so keen to go.



List of Convicts

Bagnall William, born 1803.  Transported to New South Wales, Australia, in 1826.


Bagnall Joseph, born 1798. Transported to Tasmania in 1830.


Bagnall John, born 1816, Transported to Tasmania in 1851

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