Joseph Bagnall & Eliza Pollard


Joseph Bagnall, born 18 Mar 1883 in Midland Road, Kimberworth, son of William & Matilda Bagnall. Baptised 3 Apr 1883 in St Johns Church, Masbrough, Rotherham, died 10 April 1956 buried St Thomas church, Kimberworth, Rotherham. Married 24 Dec 1917 at St Pauls church Masbrough, Rotherham to Eliza Pollard. Eliza was born 30 Sep 1895 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, daughter of Henry Pollard and Jane nee' Walton. Eliza died 28 July 1980 in Rotherham and is buried with husband Joseph at St Thomas, Kimberworth, Rotherham.


Children of Joseph and Eliza:


Dorothy Bagnall, born 19 May 1919 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, died 1996 in Rotherham. Married 1941 Rotherham to Stanley Whittington.


Douglas Bagnall, born 16 June 1920 in Rotherham, died 1976 in Salford, Lancashire. Douglas was married in 1947 in Salford to Mary A. Morgan.








Joseph signed up for service with the York & Lancaster  Regiment on 2nd September 1914 and was transfered to the Durham Light Infantry on  9 Sep 1916. He was discharged on 10th March 1919.


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Marriage certificate for Joseph Bagnall and Eliza Pollard.

Married 24 Dec 1917








1939 Register


Wilcock & Jones Works Cottage, Fullerton Road, Rotherham





Joseph Bagnall-18 Mar 1883

Eliza Bagnall- 30 Dec 1896

Closed record

Douglas Bagnall- 16 Jun 1890

Eric Bagnall- 26 Sep 1933







Joseph and Eliza are buried at St Thomas, Kimberworth, Rotherham.


Joseph's date of death is incorrectly recorded as 10 April 1965, when he actually died 10 April 1956.








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