Source Records for Charles William Fawcett & Frances Eleanor Russell






1901 census: 10 Aeolus Street, Bradford, Yorkshire


1911 census: 22 Jewell Street, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Charles William Fawcett & Frances Helen and their four surviving children and sister Sarah Ball with her daughter Elizabeth.


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Marriage certificate for Charles William Fawcett and Frances Eleanor Russell


Married 10th June 1893 in Bradford, Yorkshire





Baptisms at the Parish Church, Bradford










Charles Horace Fawcett

Born 4 April 1897, Baptised 2nd May





Enlarged Area






Baptisms at Holy Trinity, Bradford



Nelly Fawcett, born 5th Jan 1904, baptised 24th March



























Piece 4149/folio 130/page 27




Where Born


Piece 26752/RD498/SD2/




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