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Nita is the great grandaughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Bagnall, who were  Licensee's of the Carters Rest public house in Rotherham from 1898 until 1920. More information about Nita's family, and particularly about her mother Irene can be found in her website 1929 a Snapshot in Time.


Nita is Chairperson of the Friends of Thringstone, and she recently attended the "Keep Britain Tidy" awards ceremony which was held in Liverpool. Their group The friends of Thringstone won an award in the "Big Tidy Up" category.

      Nita receiving the award on behalf of Friends of Thringstone


Kirsty Allsop and the Defra minister Dan Rogerson, and all the Keep Britain Tidy team.


                  The award presented to the Friends of Thringstone.










A young Nita with her parents James and Irene Morgan






























































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