Thomas Sarbitt & Beatrice Bailey.

Thomas Sarbitt, possible birth about 1786, was married 7th February 1802 in Tankersley to Beatrice Bailey, born abut 1770 and died 1826 aged 55 in Rotherham. She was buried 22 January 1826 in Rotherham All Saints.


Known children of Thomas and Beatrice:


James Sarbitt, born abt 1802, baptised 5 September 1802.


Sarah Sarbitt, born 8th February 1816, married 1836 to Thomas Bagnall.










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Tankersley Marriage Record for Thomas Sarbitt and Beatrice Bailey, 7th February 1802





























Baptism 5th September 1802 at St Mary Ecclesfield for James son of Thomas Sarbitt








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Baptism record for Sarah Sarbitt, 28 April 1816 at Sheffield St Peter











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