Church Records Marriages

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Marriages are listed in chronological order starting from the earliest, and are ordered as follows, reading from left to right :-


1.    Date of marriage.

2.    Name of person married.

3.    Age & Condition, F = Fullage, W = Widow/er.

4.    Occupation, (if given).

5.    Abode, OTP = Of This Parish.

6.    Name of spouse.

7.    Age & Condition, F = Fullage, W = Widow/er.

8.    Occupation of spouse, (if given).

9.    Abode of spouse, OTP = Of This Parish.

10.  Fathers name & occupation, (if given).

11.  Fathers name & occupation, (spouse), (if given).


Please note, the records here are not full transcriptions. More information may be found in the original records.





























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