Joseph Bagnall & Sarah Ann Frobisher


Born 27 Dec 1839 in Wakefield, the son of George Bagnall & Ann Rawling. Joseph Died 6 Apr 1920 in Utah, America. Married 1864 in Wakefield to Sarah Ann Frobisher. Sarah Ann was born 6 May 1841 in Heath, Wakefield, and baptised 13 Jun 1841 in Warmfield, Yorks, daughter of Thomas Frobisher and Ann Cookson.


Children of Joseph and Sarah Ann:


Emma Bagnall, born 30 December 1866 in Moroni, Utah, died 26 April 1867.


George Bagnall, born 4 Sep 1868 in Moroni, Utah, died 7 Jan 1869.


Joseph Frobisher Bagnall, born 22 Nov 1870, Moroni, Utah. Died 10 May 1942 in Chester, Utah..


William Henry Bagnall, born 22 Jan 1873, Moroni, Utah. Died 28 Oct 1918 of Spanish Flu.


Ann Bagnall, born 26 May 1875, Moroni.Died 14 March 1876, Moroni.


John F Bagnall, born 14 June 1877, Chester, Utah. Died 3 Nov 1892.



Joseph and Sarah Ann Bagnall emigrated to America in 1865.


They sailed on 29 April 1865 from Liverpool on board the Belle Wood, arriving in New York on 31 May 1865 along with about 630 fellow Mormon passengers.


The Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints have published several accounts of this and other voyages, some of which are reproduced here. Click the link opposite to view.


The following information was taken from the website of Joseph Albert Bagnall, great grandson of Joseph and Sarah Ann.



THE BAGNALL HOUSE Erected in 1889 in Chester, Utah


L to R: Horses May and Ben, Workman Andy Rasmussen, William H. Bagnall, son of Joseph and Sarah Ann, Sarah Ann, Joseph and dog Bruin, and horse Maud hitched to the buggy. Missing from the picture was Joseph Frobisher Bagnall, son of Joseph and Sarah.

Water was obtained from an old fashioned well that was plumbed to a kitchen pump. The pump had to be primed with water to initiate the flow.

The parlor had a fireplace, a family organ, and a dresser with a marble top and a large mirror.

The cellar under the house was stocked with potatoes and carrots and other food supplies.


Joseph Frobisher Bagnall and Hannah Christensen


When Joseph was 26 years old he married Hannah Christensen, aged 16 years. Their wedding day was December 1, 1896. On October 23, 1900, Joseph Rodley Bagnall, their only son, was born.



Joseph F. Bagnall, with his imported Hereford Bull.


From 1929 through 1940, the Bagnall enterprise suffered through the Great Depression, but Joseph F. his nephew Rawlin Bagnall, and his son, Joseph Rodley, held it together.



Joseph F. Bagnall died on May 10, 1942, on a 1400 acre ranch in Chester, Utah, the place he loved above any other..


Joseph Rodley Bagnall and Florence Noland


Born in a log cabin three years before the Wright brothers made their famous flight, Joseph Rodley Bagnall's life covered a period when automobiles replaced horse drawn buggies, air travel evolved into space travel, and rural America became for the most part urban America.


Joseph Rodley attended a country elementary school in Chester, Utah. His high school days were spent at Snow Academy in Ephraim, Utah.


Joseph Rodley married Florence Noland of Mt. Pleasant, Utah, in 1927. Soon thereafter he finished his Bachelor's Degree at University of Utah and began teaching at an elementary school in Salem, Utah.


Joseph R. Bagnall Birthday Photo at 100 Years of Age



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Joseph Bagnall

1839 - 1920



Born Decembr 27, 1839 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, Joseph was the son of George Bagnall, born October 11, 1805, and Ann Rawling.





Joseph Married Sarah Ann Frobisher, (daughter of Thomas Frobisher and Ann Cookson), on his birthday, December 27, 1864. They were each Mormon converts who subsequently sailed the Atlantic to America, packed all of their belongings into a handcart and pulled it across the plains. They arrived in present day Utah with the Mormon Henson Walker Handcart company on November 9, 1865.




Joseph and Sarah settled in Moroni, Utah, in December, 1865. Joseph worked as a stone cutter on the St George, Utah, Mormon temple. The couple relocated five miles away in Chester, Utah, in 1876.





Joseph Frobisher Bagnall

22 Nov. 1870 - 10 May 1942


Joseph F. teamed with his brother William Henry to develop a farm and a cattle/sheep ranch. Joseph preferred to work with cattle and sheep, while William preferred to till the land and irrigate. Together they bought and built a business known as "Bagnall Brothers."


In 1918 the worldwide flu epidemic took William Henry, and Joseph F. was required not only to manage the entire Bagnall Brothers enterprise, but also to care for William Henry's widow and five children.


Florence and Joseph Rodley Bagnall 1926

From 1966 to 2001, he lived in retirement in Provo, Utah. He opened his home to six grandchildren who each lived there when they were ready for college; they received room and board, and much loving care, while attending BYU.


Joseph R. Bagnall died May 27, 2001, at the age of 100 and a few months.



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