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Albert Bagnall, Private 64465. Son of Richard & Elizabeth Bagnall. DOB abt 1896 Wombwell, Yorks.


Alfred Ernest Bagnall, 2nd Lieutenant, York & Lancs Regt. Son of Alfred Bagnall and Elizabeth. DOB 18 November 1895, Rotherham, Yorkshire.


Arthur Bagnall, Driver L/19538, "A" Bty. 161st Bde., Royal Field Artillery.

Son of George Bagnall and Selina (Cullingworth), born 1895 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Died on 25 October 1917.


Bertie Bagnall, Gunner 253798. Son of George Bagnall & Elizabeth Ann (Sanderson). Born 12 Dec 1897 in Hoyland, Yorkshire.


Bertram Bagnall, Driver 205214. Husband of Hilda Bagnall (Neal). DOB 16 Sep 1893 Rotherham, Yorks.


Charles Bagnall, Private 1137. Son of Richard & Elizabeth Bagnall. DOB abt 1893 Wombwell, Yorks.


Charles Bagnall, Gunner 795307. Son of Joseph Bagnall & Annie (Carr). Born 1882, Sheffield, Yorks.


Cyril Bagnall, L/Corp 3393. Son of George Bagnall & Elizabeth Ann (Sanderson). DOB 1889 Hoyland, Yorks.


Edwin James Bagnall, Private 251704. Son of Edwin James Marsh Bagnall & Martha Jane (Kilner). DOB 1888 Ecclesfield, Yorks.


Ernest Bagnall, Private 18879 KOYLI. Son of James Rawling Bagnall & Mary Jane (Dyson). DOB 1894 Wakefield, Yorks.


Fred (Frederick) Bagnall, Private 56897. Son of John Bagnall & Maria (Wilson). DOB abt 1884 Hemmingfield, Yorks.


Fred Bagnall, Private 24246. Son of Betsy Bagnall (father unknown). DOB abt 1877 Rotherham, Yorks.


George Edwin Bagnall, born 1891 in Hoyland, Yorkshire, son of George Bagnall & Elizabeth Ann Sanderson. Killed in action 9th April 1917 in Theatre of war, France and Flanders.


Harry Bagnall, Private ? Born 1896 in Elsecar, Yorkshire. Son of John Bagnall and Maria (Wilson).


Harry Bagnall, Private 16121 Manchester Regiment.


Harry Percy Bagnall, Private 19680. Husband of Emma Reeves. DOB abt 1881 Staffordshire.


James Bagnall, Private 202954. Son of Thomas & Ann Bagnall. DOB 1879 Staffordshire.


John Milton Bagnall, 42412. Pioneer Royal Engineers. Son John Bagnall & Mary Ann (Wilby). DOB 1896 Wakefield, Yorks.


Joseph Bagnall, Driver Royal Artillery 98949. Husband of Annie (Broughton). DOB abt 1884?


Joseph Bagnall, Corporal 320018 Private 14367 York & Lancs Regt. Corporal 320018 Durham Light Infantry. Son of William Bagnall & Matilda (King). DOB 18 Mar 1883 Rotherham, Yorks.


Lawrence Parton Bagnall, Private 52583 West Yorkshire Regt. Son of George Bagnall & Ellen (Perkes). DOB 1887 Hoyland, Yorkshire. Died of wounds, 26 April 1918 France & Flanders.


Leonard Basil Bagnall, Gunner 278303 Royal Artillery. Son Thomas Bagnall & Sarah Ann (Slater). DOB 19 July 1878 Rotherham, Yorks.


Leonard Bagnall, Private 44555 York & Lancs. Son of John Bagnall & Maria (Wilson). DOB 1887 Elsecar, Yorks.


Morris Bagnall, Private 18621 Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Son of John Bagnall & Maria (Wilson). DOB 1887 Elsecar, Yorks.


Samuel Bagnall, Private 2868. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Son Alfred Bagnall & Hannah (Hatfield). DOB 27 Jan 1878 Rotherham, Yorks.


Sydney James Bagnall, Private 116 York and Lancs. Son of Maurice Bagnall & Annie (Jones). DOB 7 Feb 1888 Rotherham, Yorks.


Thomas Bagnall, Private 13197 8th Batt. York & Lancs Regt. Son of William & Aquilla Bagnall. DOB 1887 in Pendleton, Lancashire. Killed in Action, France & Flanders, 1st July 1916.


Thomas Bagnall, Private 84498 53rd West Yorks Regt. Son of William Bagnall & Matilda (King). DOB abt 1900 Rotherham, Yorks.


Thomas Edwin Bagnall, Sapper 554381 Royal Engineers. Son of James Bagnall and Ann (Wells). Born 1884 in Tring, Hertfordshire.


Walter Bagnall, Private 43808 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Son of Joseph Bagnall & Alice (Goldthorpe). DOB 1888 Wakefield, Yorkshire.


William Harold Bagnall, Private 27001 Coldstream Guards. Son of Elizabeth Raynor Bagnall. DOB 1896 Staveley, Derbyshire.


Willie Bagnall, Private 45416, 7th South Wales Borderers. Son of William Bagnall and Eliza (Green). Born 1881 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.


O'Donnell Charles, Private 25671 17th and 3rd, Royal Scots. Son of Charles & Catherine O'Donald.


O'Donnell John. Private 4166, 3/7 Batt, Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders. Son of Charles & Catherine O'Donald.


O'Donnell Henry, Private 26075 Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders. Son of Charles & Catherine O'Donald.






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  Yorkshire Film Archive
  5th York & Lancs 1915

Made during the First World War, this film documents the inspection of the 5th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment by General Lawson. It also includes footage of the soldiers marching across Lendal Bridge in York on their way to fight in France.


Title - 5th Batt. York and Lancs. Regt. Being inspected by GENERAL LAWSON

Filmed by Debenham and Co. York.

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