George Bagnall & Mary? (1st wife).



George Bagnall, bap 25 Dec 1770 Rotherham, son of Joseph Bagnall & Jane Newton. Died 23 Feb 1851 Sandal Magna, Wakefield, buried 26 Feb 1851 Sandal Magna, Occ Labourer. married  Mary ? died 1799 Fall Ing, Sandal Magna, buried 31 May 1799 Sandal Magna.




Sarah Bagnall, born at fall Ing, Wakefield, baptised 3 Feb 1793 Sandal Magna, Wakefield.


Mary Ann Bagnall, born at Fall Ing, Wakefield, baptised 7 Sep 1794 Sandal magna, Wakefield.


Joseph Bagnall, born at Fall Ing, Wakefield, baptised 27 Mar 1796 Sandal Magna, Wakefield. Married Elizabeth Bell.




Joseph Bagnall & Elizabeth Bell


Joseph Bagnall, born at Fall Ing, Wakefield, baptised 27 March 1796 Sandal Magna, Wakefield. Poss died Q3 1859 in York. Married 16 Feb 1823 at St Margarets, York to Elizabeth Bell, born 25 January 1798, baptised 4 February 1798 in St Lawrence, York. Poss died Q4 1866 in York.




Thomas Bagnall, born about 1823 in York, baptised 5 November 1823 in St Margarets, York. Married 14 April 1850 in St Mary's Bishophill Junior, York to Sarah Ward.


Mary Ann Bagnall, born about 1824 in York, baptised 17 October 1824 in St Margarets, York. Died aged 1 week, buried 25 October 1824.


Joseph Bagnall, born about 1825 in York, baptised 17 August 1825 in St Margarets, York. Married Q1 1848 in York to Hannah Fieldhouse, daughter of Elizabeth Horsman, formerly Fieldhouse.


Elizabeth Bell Bagnall, born about 1827 in York, baptised 21 January 1827 in St Margarets, York.


Ann Bagnall, born about 1828 in York, baptised 21 December 1828 in St Margarets, York.


William Bagnall, born about 1831, baptised 21 March 1831 in St Margarets, York.


John Bagnall, born about 1833 in York, baptised 14 October 1833 in St Margarets, York.


Luke Bagnall, born about 1836, baptised 14 March 1836 in St Margarets, York. Married Theresa Kenny.


Sarah Bagnall, born 1838 in York. Birth registered Q1 1838 York, reference volume 22 page 617.




Luke Bagnall & Theresa Kenny


Luke Bagnall, born about 1836, baptised 14 Mar 1836 in St Margarets, York. Married Q3 1860 in West Derby, Lancs, to Theresa Kenny, born about 1836 in Landford, Somerset.




Theresa Amy Bagnall, b 4 Sept 1862 Liverpool.  Baptised 30 Oct 1862 St Peter's Liverpool, died 1933.  Married Q2 1887 in West Derby, Liverpool to John Stubbs born 1859 Westmoreland died 1927.


Joseph George Bagnall, born 1867 Liverpool. Possible married Q1 1891 in Pancras, to Edith Seagar, born about 1871 in Leominster.


Elizabeth Bell Bagnall, born 1867 in Liverpool. Married 3 Sep 1890 to George Thompson Moore.


Charlotte Theresa Bagnall, born April 1871 Liverpool. Married Q2 1900 in West Derby to Richard John McCarthy, born 1866 in Balynor, County Cork. Died April 1950 in Birkenhead. Thay had a son Richard Bagnall McCarthy, born 1903 in London.


Fanny Maud Bagnall, born Jan 1878 died July 1887, Liverpool.




Joseph George Bagnall & Edith Seagar


Joseph George Bagnall, born 1867 in Liverpool, died 1903 in Liverpool aged 41. Married 1891 in Pancras to Edith Seagar born about 1871 in Leominster, Herefordshire.

Edith re-married in 1909, West Derby, Liverpool to Wilfred George Drury Ship's Steward, who was born about 1876 in London. The family emigrated to Australia, dates unknown, and possibly not all at the same time.





Mignon Bagnall, born about 1892 in Liscard, Cheshire.


Luke Bagnall, born 23 Sep 1896 in Liverpool.


Lily May Bagnall, born about 1897/8 in Liverpool. In 1911 Lily May aged 13, is to be found as an inmate in the Seaman's Orphan Institution at Orphan Drive, Newsham Park, Liverpool. She may be the Lily M bagnall who married Mario Macullo in 1930 in Southampton district. Mario Macullo died in 1938, and Lily M Macullo married again in 1939 to Stefano Ghione. Lily M Ghione died aged 59 in Southampton in 1957.


Charles John Bagnall, born about 1900 in Liverpool.


Joseph George Bagnall, born 5 March 1904, died March 1974 in Chelmsford district.


Joseph was born four months after the death of his father but 'given away' to a lady in Liverpool with the surname Dowd, which he used for the rest of his life.

According to some notes left by my mother, the foster lady's name was Helen Dowd. She died when my father was 5 so about 1909. Her daughter Catherine Esther living at the same address possibly with her father took on my dad. She eventually married an Andrew Dunn who may have been a seaman. Whether this was before or after the 1911 census I don't know. She and Andrew had one daughter Sarah Agatha younger than my father. I knew Catherine, we called her grandma, although she wasn't.

(Thank you to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph George Bagnall/Dowd, for supplying this information.)


(See 1911 census record in Source Records)



Joseph George Bagnall born January quarter 1865 Liverpool.  Married Edith Amelia Seager b 16 Sept 1870, Leominster, Herts in 1891 in Pancras, London.

Census 1891, Joseph George is a clothier manager in Liscard, Cheshire.  By 1901, he is at 8a Granby Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool and is a tailor. 



  Mignon b April 1891 Liscard. Mignon Bagnall of Broughton House, Park Lane, Kersal, Greater Manchester, (domestic servant) left for Sydney on 24th Feb 1926. Married Thomas Frederick Fleming in 1945 in Manly (Sydney, Australia).  Died 1978 NSW, Australia. Electoral roll 1954 Manly - Thomas Frederick is a watchman and they are living at 43 Ocean Beach, Manly.  Mignon seems to have moved about a lot.  She was at 42 Ansac Parade, Watson in 1936, by 1937 was at the Prince Henry Hospital in Cook, and by 1943 at  71 Warren Road, Lang.


    Luke born 23 Sept 1896, Liverpool. Married Dorothea Irene Phillpott  on 29 Dec 1919 in NSW.  (Dorothea b 1 Nov 1989 Ashfield, NSW, died  17 Dec 1983 Bomaderry, NSW).  Children (no dates of birth for any of these) are 1.  Ethel Margaret who married John William Pennman Newby in 1940 in Canterbury, NSW.  (In the electoral role for 1949 and again for 1954, Ethel Margaret and John William Pennman Newby are at 79 Fenwick Street, Yagoona, Bankstown.  He is a carpenter)  2. Laurence Arthur who married Marie June Tanner in 1948 in Bankstown, NSW.  In the 1954 electoral register, Laurence Arthur and Marie June are at 851 Clyde Street, Reid, NSW and Laurence is a fitter.  3.  Shirley Irene who married Donald McCleod Yeomans Smith in 1956 in Burwood, NSW. 

From electoral roles, it seems Luke was a greengrocer.  In 1930, 1933, 1936 and 1937 he and his wife were at 18 Minter St, Canterbury.  By 1949 Luke and Dorothea have moved to Bankstown and are at 25 Dutton Street and he is a steward and the same applies in 1954 which is when he died. 


  Lily May born 1898 Liverpool about whom I can find nothing in Australia - no marriage listings, no death listings, nothing.  That said, there is a Lily May Bagnall of the right age and place of birth (West Derby) as an inmate in the Seaman's Orphan Institution at Orphan Drive, Newsham Park, Liverpool in the 1911 census.


  Charles John b April quarter 1900, Liverpool, baptised 18 June 1900 Fairfield, Liverpool died 1968, Burwood, NSW.  There is a Charles John Bagnall of the right age, a turner, leaving London for Sydney on 29th January 1922 on a ship called the Ballarat, but I can't access the image to see who went with him, if anybody or if he is the right chap from any address. From the electoral role for 1933, he is at 250 Canterbury Road, Parkes and is a turner, so sure this is the right chap, especially given that he is with his sister Mignon.  He is at the same address in 1936 and 1937. There are two marriage listings for a Charles John Bagnall in NSW.  One is to Ada Nellie Clare in Canterbury in 1940 and another to Dorothea Mary Hughes in 1943 in Lithgow.  Both ladies are listed in the death listings - Ada died in Rockdale in 1954 and Dorothea in unspecified town in 1978. There is, however, in both the 1949 and 1954 Banks electoral role a listing for Charles John Bagnall and Ada Nellie Bagnall at 11 Morotai Avenue, Herne Bay and Charles John is a turner.




WIlfred George Drury and Edith Amelia Drury are in Australia by the 1930s.  In 1930 they are at 60 Carroll Street, Ramsgate, NSW and Wilfred is a cleaner.  By 1933, 1936 and 1937 and again 1943, Wilfred is on his own at firstly 250 then 154 Canterbury Road, Parkes and is a steward again.


Mignon Bagnall died 17th Oct 1978 in Manly and is buried with her husband, Thomas Frederick Fleming, but no date for that.

Luke's kids dates of birth are: Ethel Margaret 1920 Canterbury, NSW, Laurence Arthur 4 Oct 1927 Canterbury, and Shirley Irene 1934 Canterbury.

Laurence Arthur married as we know to Marie June Tanner.  They divorced in 1973 and in Sept 1976 he married someone called Joan unknown at Oak Flats, NSW. 


Laurence Arthur Bagnall's children are: 1. Laurence Barry Bagnall b 1952 married Julie Ann Whiteman and has children Tanya Lee and Sasha and has subsequently remarried Gail Diane Marland, 2. Cheryl Joyce Bagnall who married Colin John Jago and had children Darryl Wayne Jago and Shane John Jago born 14th Sept 1966, Woollogong died 7 May 1993 Woodburn.  Darryl married Michelle Anne Haywood and has a son called Joshua Shane Aaron Jago, whilst Shane John married Samantha Hamilton and had a son called Sean James Jago, then married Lee Ann Gosper, by whom he had already had a son called Timothy John Gosper 3.  Lynette Jean Bagnall married Cornelia Arie Bulsing, and has children Joanne, Sonia and Sheraden, 4.  Jeffrey Wayne Bagnall married Linda Maree O'Gorman and has children Jayne Karly Bagnall and Angie Rebecca Bagnall and finally 5.  Stephen Luke Bagnall who married Sharon Lee Terry (hence Sharon Bagnall me thinks) and they have children Luke Robert Bagnall and Alana Maree Bagnall. 

Ethel Margaret Bagnall who married the Newby died in 1966 in Canterbury, NSW.  They had children John William Penman (one n) Newby, Gail Christine Newby and Suzanne Newby. No dates of birth of anything else on those yet.

Shirley Irene Bagnall who married the long-named Smith has had children called Denise, Ross and Harry.

By Nita Pearson     



    Source Records


Sarah, Mary Ann, & Joseph Bagnall.



Mary Bagnall 1799.


Census: 1841





Gravestone of George Bagnall at St Helens, Sandal magna, Wakefield.



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    Source Records



Marriage Record:

Joseph Bagnall and Elizabeth Bell, 16 February 1823.





Thomas, Mary Ann, Joseph, Elizabeth Bell, Ann, William, John, and Luke Bagnall.




Mary Ann Bagnall, 25 October 1824, aged 1 week.




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1911 census for youngest son Joseph George Bagnall/Dowd






























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