Samuel Bagnall and Ann Hampton


Samuel Bagnall was born about 1805 in Stone, Staffordshire. He was married on 8th March 1843 in Manchester to Ann Hampton.


Known children of Samuel and Ann Bagnall:


Samuel Bagnall, born about 1844 in Manchester, Lancashire.


Anne Emery Bagnall, born 1847 in Manchester, baptised 17th January 1847. Anne died in 1853 in Manchester.


Mary Bagnall, born 24th July 1849 in Manchester, Lancashire.


John Bagnall, born 27th April 1852 in Manchester, Lancashire.


Thomas Emery Bagnall, born 23rd October 1854 in Cheatham, Lancashire.


Frank Bagnall, born about 1858 in Cheatham, Lancashire. Baptised 20th January 1861.


Harry Bagnall, born about 1860 in Cheatham, Lancashire. Baptised 27th January 1861.


Samuel Bagnall and Mary Ann Riley


Samuel Bagnall was born about 1844 and was baptised 8th September 1844 in Manchester, son of Samuel Bagnall and Ann Hampton. He was married in 1866 in Manchester to Mary Ann Riley.


Known children of Samuel and Mary Ann Bagnall:


Lily Bagnall, born 27th August 1872 in Chorlton district, Manchester.


Harry Bagnall, born 13th January 1875 in Chorlton district, Manchester. Married 1894 to Mary Emma Lawton.


Alfred Bagnall, born 1st December 1877 in Chorlton district, Manchester.


Charles Bagnall, born 1884 in Manchester.


Annie Bagnall, born 1886 in Manchester.


Harry Bagnall and Mary Emma Lawton.


Harry Bagnall was born in 1875 in Chorlton district of Manchester. he died in 1923 aged 48. harry was married on 6th October 1894 in Collyhurst, Manchester to Mary Emma Lawton.

Harry enlisted with the Manchester Regiment and fought in WW1.

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Children of Harry and Mary Emma Bagnall:


Lily Bagnall, born about 1895 in Manchester, Lancashire.


Harry Bagnall, born 1900 in Manchester, Lancashire. Married 1925 to Emily Halstead.


Gladys Bagnall, born 11 December 1902 in Prestwich district, Lancashire.


Elsie Bagnall, born 1905 in Prestwich district, Lancashire.


Ivy Bagnall, born 11 Jan 1909 in Prestwich district, Lancashire.


Arthur Bagnall, born 1915 in Prestwich district, Lancashire.



Harry Bagnall and Emily Halstead


Harry Bagnall was born 20th August 1900 in Manchester, Lancashire. He died on 1st April 1975. Harry was married in 1925 to Emily Halstead.


Children of Harry and Emily Bagnall:


Gladys Bagnall, born 1929 in Manchester. Gladys was married in 1953 in Manchester to William C. Andrew.





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