Walter Warren


Walter was born about 1877 in Masbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

In the 1881 census he is aged 4 with his mother Jane E. & 4 siblings at 61 Midland Rd, Kimberworth, Rotherham.

In the 1891 census he is aged 14 with his mother & 2 siblings at 45 Midland Rd, Rotherham.


            2nd June 1893 from the Sheffield Evening Telegraph

          5th May 1902 from the Yorkshire Telegraph and Star

                        Prison Register record (left hand page)

                      Prison Register record (right hand page)

                      Wadsley Lunatic Asylum admittance register

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                        Storthes Hall Asylum, administrative building

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                                  St Thomas Church, Thurstonland



The churchyard contains around 2,000 graves of patients who died at Kirkburton in Storthes Hall psychiatric hospital (1904–1991). Most of these graves are unmarked, in a separate field behind the church which was added by Rev. Arnold Escombe Jerram before he left in 1910. By 1913 there was fear in the village that the pauper burials were causing epidemics, because the sexton was saving money by leaving graves open to rain and weather, and not filling them with earth until they each contained their full complement of four coffins. The authorities claimed that Storthes Hall's use of the graveyard benefited Thurstonland by the payment of rates and that only fifty paupers per year, who were unclaimed by relatives, were buried there. Rev. P.S. Brown, at that time vicar of Thurstonland and chaplain to Storthes Hall, claimed that the burials were no danger to health, even though the sexton had to ladle out water from open graves before subsequent funerals.



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On 2nd June 1893, Walter was fined 5 shillings and costs for assaulting John Thomas Walling on 18th May.


























Walter Warren sentenced to three months imprisonment











Number 10741 Warren Walter

Commited 5.5.02 at Rotherham

Exposing his person







Walter is sentenced to three months hard labour.

He is aged 25, height 5 feet ten and a half inches with brown hair.

Religion: C of E

Discharged 4th August
























Walter was admitted to Wadsley Asylum, Sheffield on 27th August 1907



Wadsley Asylum was later to become Middlewood Hospital.








The vertical line in the far right column would suggest that Walter died in the Asylum on 13th May 1917.

The word "Storthes" beneath "Wadsley" may suggest that Walter was moved to Storthes Hall Asylum, Kirkburton, Huddersfiled.





Storthes Hall Wikipedia






The death of a Walter Warren aged 37 is registered in June quarter 1917 in Huddersfield.




























Graveyard memorial at Church of St Thomas, Thurstonland, where around 2,000 patients are buried





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