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Marriage Certificate


Peter Docherty, Bath Enameller (widower), married Ellen O'Donnell, Domestic Servant (spinster).

5th March 1916 at St Alexanders church, Denny, Scotland.












Helen Docherty nee' O'Donald















Peter Docherty & Helen nee' O'Donald.


Thought to be taken at Oakwood Hospital, Rotherham, Yorks. Probably early 1940s.











Birth Certificate


Isabella Maclean Docherty, born 19th October 1923 at 23 Forth Street, Falkirk, Scotland.








Death Certificate



Peter Docherty died 15th February 1943 aged 67 years, at 46 Oxford Street, Rotherham, Yorks.














Death Certificate











Ellen Docherty died 28th July 1977 at 46 The Royal Infirmary, Sheffield, Yorks.















Memorial at Masbrough Cemetery, Rotherham, Yorks.



In loving memory of Peter Docherty born Donegal

Died 15th Feb 1943 aged 67 years.

And his wife Ellen born Denny Stirling.

Died 28th July 1977 aged 85 years.

Helen daughter, died Good Friday 4th April 1980 aged 61 years.
















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