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Charles Whittington & Ruth Walker


Charles Whittington, was born in 1842 in Greasbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, son of Charles & Mary Whittington. He died about 1913 in Rotherham district. Charles was married on 26 December 1863 at St Mary, Greasbrough to Ruth Walker.

Ruth was born about 1843 in Greasbrough, daughter of John & Martha Walker. She died in 1882 in Greasbrough and was buried on 7th July 1882 at St Mary's Church, Greasbrough.


Children of Charles and Ruth:


Godfrey Whittington, born 24 October 1864 in Greasbrough and baptised 27 November 1864 at St Mary, Greasbrough. Godfrey was married in 1888 in Rotherham district, to Emily Askham.


George Whittington, born 19 May 1866, and baptised 15 July 1866 at St Mary, Greasbrough. George was married in 1888 in Rotherham district to Harriet Laura Depledge.


Amy Whittington, born 18 October 1869 and baptised 28 December 1869 at St Mary, Greasbrough.


John Charles Whittington, born 16 June 1862 and baptised 20 October 1872 at St Mary, Greasbrough.


Arthur Whittington, born 24 November 1872 and baptised 16 November 1879  at St Mary,Greasbrough.


Amos Whittington, born 10 February 1877 and baptised 16 November  1879 at St Mary,Greasbrough.


Ellen (Eleanor) Whittington, born 2 September 1879 and baptised 16 November 1879 at St Mary, Greasbrough.



Amos Whittington & Alice Renshaw


Amos Whittington was born 10th February 1877 in Greasbrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, and was baptised on 16 November 1879 at St Mary's Church, Greasbrough, son of Charles & Ruth Whittington Blacksmith. Amos died aged 66, in 1945 at 16 High Greave Road, Rotherham, and was buried on 20th June 1945 at Masbrough Cemetery.

He was married in 1901 in Rotherham to Alice Renshaw, daughter of Albert & Sarah Maria Renshaw. Alice was born in 1881 in Wortley district, and died aged 66 in 1948 at 1 Tummon Street, Rotherham. Alice was buried on 20 June 1948 at Masbrough Cemetery, Rotherham.


Children of Amos and Alice:


Ivy Whittington, born about 1903 in Swinton, Rotherham. Ivy was married in 1928 in Rotherham to Fred Lambert.


Charles Albert Whittington, born 1904 in Swinton, Rotherham. Charles Albert was married in 1934 in Rotherham to Nora Sanderson.


Wilfred Whittington, born 1905 in Swinton, Rotherham. Wilfred died in 1906 in Rotherham.


William Whittington, born 1907 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. William was married in 1930 in Rotherham to Lilian Inman.


Amos Whittington, born 1909 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Amos was married in 1938 in Rotherham to Hilda Horton.


Bernal Whittington, born 26 March 1912 in Rotherham and died in 1974 in Rotherham. Bernal was married in 1937 in Rotherham to Elie I Bray.


Frances Whittington, born 1914 in Rotherham. Frances was married in 1936 in Rotherham to Alfred H Stanley.


John Cottam Whittington, born 1916 in Rotherham, and died 16th May 1970. John was married in 1940 in Rotherham to Connie Wood. Connie died 6 December 1993.


Alice Whittington, born 1918 in Rotherham. Alice was married in 1939 in Rotherham to David L Parker.


Benjamin Whittington, born 1918 in Rotherham and died 1918. He was buried on 8 August 1918 aged 3 months, at Moorgate cemetery, Rotherham. Recorded as son of Amos & Alice, of 86 Tusmore Street.


Stanley Whittington, born 1920 in Rotherham and died 1977 in Rotherham. Stanley was married in 1941 in Rotherham to Dorothy Bagnall, daughter of Joseph Bagnall and Eliza Pollard.


Arthur Whittington, born 1925 in Rotherham. Arthur was married in 1948 in Rotherham to Jean Cawthra.






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of Amos and Alice and some of their children.



Grave memorial headstone at Masbrough Cemetery.



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