Notes for Thomas Albert and Margaret Bagnall


1881 UK Census






Sheffield Daily Telegraph


1900 USA Census




1910 USA Census









1881 UK Census



20 Effingham Street, Rotherham, Yorkshire










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Thos A Bagnall, 34

Margaret Bagnall, 32

Ethel F Bagnall, 9

Sybil F Bagnall, 6

Gertrude F Bagnall, 4

Albert F Bagnall, 1

Margaret Malony, servant,15






Thomas Albert is recorded as a Fruiterer













Looking down Effingham Street, Rotherham














Newspaper Cutting from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph

April 9th 1885

























1900 USA Census


707 Mason Street, San Francisco, California.











Margaret Bagnall and family


Margaret is recorded as married for 29 years, 8 children have been born and 6 children are still living.


The surname has been transcribed as BAGNAW





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Margaret Bagnall, head, 52

Ethel F Bagnall, daur, 27

Sybil F Bagnall, daur, 24

Gertrude F Bagnall, daur, 22

Albert F Bagnall, son, 20

Clement H Bagnall, son, 18

Percival Bagnall, son, 15







The family arrived in the USA in 1887 and have lived here for 13 years











1910 US Census

Percy R Bagnall and family are living at 1117 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco


Frank and Edith (Ethel) Rice are living at 1105 Leavenworth Street with Edith's Mother Margaret (not named), and Edith's brother Clement (also not named).





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